Install and run BGinfo

Download bginfo from sysinternals

You simply place the unzipped Bginfo.exe to c:\bginfo folder for example

Open bginfo.exe and create an template file

from File menu do a Save As to save the *.bgi file to c:\bginfo.

Then you can create a simple batch file, which will launch that *.bgi file on logon

@echo off
CALL “C:\bginfo\bginfo.exe” “C:\bginfo\YOUR.bgi” /timer:0 /nolicprompt

Place all the batchfile in c:\Bginfo

Files Needed there are:

  • Bginfo.exe
  • YOUR.bgi (the personalized config)
  • file.bat (your script)

Modify to batch file to match your structure and naming convention.

Copy a shortcut to the file.bat to:

c:Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

That’s the location for startup programs for all users. That’s all.

BGinfo in Domain environment via GPO

Bginfo when used in domain environment, it’s certainly usefull to configure a GPO whcih calls the BAT script when user logs on. Simply create a GPO or modify some existing GPO if you like. The level where you need to configure that is:

User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff) and then double-click on Logon and browse via network to the batch file.

Geplaatst in VMware, Windows Server.