Generalize APP-V 5 for Citrix Provisioning

If you want to use APP-V in combination with Citrix Provisioning (PVS) you need to generalize the system before closing the pvs image.

I have written a script that does the generalize every time that the PVS server boots from the network. You can simply add this script to the startup in active directory.

What the script does:

  • stops APP-V client
  • setACL on the files of the APP-V dir (otherwise you can not delete the files)
  • delete the registry keys of the published APP-V apps
  • unmount all the packages
  • starts the APP-V client

Rename the files to .cmd and .reg. Change the location of the APP-V files, in my case the APP-V files are stored on d:\APP-V default this is C:\Programdata\APP-V.
The script uses SetACL for managing ACL’s on the filesystem, you can download it here, it is a great tool!

To use the CMD_APP_Generalize rename it to .cmd and place it in te same directory with REG_APPV_Generalize (rename to .reg instead of .txt)


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